Packing is the last step before shipping the fruits to the customers. It is at this step that the final sorting is done to make sure that only the nicest fruits remain.


Brossage Pommes
Before being packed, the fruits are washed and brushed.


controle Qualite
One last quality control allows us to verify the pressure of the fruit and its sugar level, to make sure that we are in conformity with the customer’s requirements.


Dépose Plateau
Fruits are laid out in the trays by hand to make sure each apple is well presented in the same direction, with the most colored face upwards.


Plateaux pommes

Tri Final
The final sorting is done on the packing line, the last fruits showing defects are removed.


Conditionnement Sachets

Other fruits, such as oranges, are most commonly packed in nets.


Filets Agrumes

The last step is to palletise the goods.


Stockage Palettes


The packing station is BRC and PFI certified.

Certification BRCCertification PFICharte Qualité des Pomiculteurs de France




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