Pear Varieties


The pear is the fruit from Pyrus communis L; a tree from the rosacea family. The fruit is known from Man since Antiquity, but it took its distinctive shape that is widely recognized today during the last centuries.

Already designated the best pear by André Le Nôtre, the “Bon-Chrétien” pear is known today under the name William’s and is the most consumed variety worldwide.

Pomanjou International markets around 10 pear varieties.

A few of our pear varieties:


The William's

Poire William's

Oddity of language history, the “Bon-Chrétien” pear went from France to England, where it is renamed with name of the gardener William that made it popular, before coming back to France under its new founded name.


 The Beurré Hardy


The Beurré Hardy pear is a French variety which written records can be traced back to 1830. It is amongst the first autumn pears to be harvested.


The Guyot


The “Doctor Jules Guyot” pear was named in honour of this eponymous doctor, medical doctor, physician, and inventor. It is mostly grown in Provence (South East of France).


The Comice


The "Doyenné du Comice" is a typical pear from the Loire Valley area. It is also and est une poire typique du Val de Loire. It is also the ideal winter pear.



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